The New System

How does one approach the problem of deciding which beer is going to be right for them? Well friends you are in luck we have created a system that we feel embodies the most important characteristics of a good beer and shared it with you folks. All of the beers that we will be sampling and rating will be done so by following this scoring system. We will drink two of each beer in order to ensure that it is given a fair chance and not ruled out on first impressions. Our results will be displayed in a table such as the one below and the score tallied out of 77. We are hoping this helps you the everyday consumer select the right brew next time you’re in the mood for a cold one.

Can/Bottle Appeal (1-11) Does this can make me want to purchase it, is it aesthetically pleasing. Shrink rap go fuck yourself. Story/extra info always appreciated. The receptacle for such a beverage is not to be taken lightly.
Aroma (1-11) How does the beer smell, is it inviting, do you want to drink it or does it smell like an old gym sock?
First Impression (1-11) The first sip of a beer is a very important one, it sets the tone for the rest of the drink. You don’t want to feel like you’ve been kicked in the face by Chuck Norris, but a strong start makes a big difference.
Smoothness (1-11) Is it smooth like a baby’s bottom or rough like your car when it’s -25 (Canadians know what’s up). Easy drinkability is an essential characteristic of good beer, but you don’t want it so easy that it makes you question whether or not you’re actually drinking a bee. AHEM, Coors Light…
Aftertaste (1-11) First impressions may be important, but strong relationships are formed on what’s left after the initial excitement wears off.  All lasting relationships need a strong foundation, and a good beer is no exception. A beer that invokes a ‘tequila shot face’ after every sip is going to lose some serious points.
Do I Want Another One (1-11) One hit wonder or hall of famer? Was the first beverage so enjoyable that one would want to reward themselves with a second or switch to whiskey on the rocks.
Accessibility (1-11) Can every Tom, Dick and Harry who gets thirsty get it at their local beer dispensary.
/77 Overall Conclusion



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