Broadhead Brewing Company – Dark Horse Stout

Broadhead Brewing Company – Dark Horse Stout

Oatmeal Stout

473 ml


Single Cans

Can/ Bottle Appeal 3/11 At a glance, the Dark Horse stout is a fairly standard looking dark beer. Brown can. Bold orange lettering. All the usual quirky slogans and backstories you come to expect on a beer from any craft brewery. But then you pick it up and… “CRINKLE!”. The slick plastic shrink wrapped label feels cheap in your hand despite the otherwise appealing design. May shrink wrapping be saved for multi packs of shaving cream and deodorant and please stay off of our beer cans. Best enjoy this one in a glass.
Aroma 8/11 This beer gives of a rich, dark aroma that reminds me of dark chocolate or even a nice black coffee. This is however something I find in most stouts and porters, so it’s not really something I see as remarkable. This is in no way a negative thing though., I can honestly say that I have no complaints about having a stout that smells like a stout. As far as I’m concerned with the Dark Horse, all is well on the nasal front.
First Impressions  7/11 The Dark Horse pours very nicely,forming a thick froth of nut-brown head on top of the dark brown beer. The first sip went down very smooth, leaving a small frothy mustache on my upper lip, but did seem to lack some of the flavor I was expecting from the smell. The taste of the oatmeal is more evident than I was initially expecting and it’s not a bad thing despite how weird it kind of sounds. Overall less chocolatey and coffee-ey a beer than I had anticipated, but still a good brew in my book.
Smoothness 10/11 Here’s where the Dark Horse really hits the ground running (pun kind of intended). You can send this beer down your gullet with much more ease than with most stouts, making this an appealing beer for people who find that their pint of Guinness on St. Paddy’s day more of a tradition than a treat. Definitely one of the selling points on this beer.
Aftertaste 6/11 Surprisingly for a stout, the Dark Horse has a very minimal aftertaste. A note of dark chocolate is all that is really left on the tongue, and though it does linger for a little while it’s nothing to get worked up about (assuming you enjoy chocolate that is).
Do I Want Another One 6/11 Yes. But maybe not tonight… This beer isn’t something I would turn down if it’s offered, but I don’t know that I would go out of my way to find it. A good, but fairly approachable beer that doesn’t necessarily leave you wanting more, but definitely doesn’t leave you begging for less either.
Accessibility 10 /11 Beer store, grocery store, LCBO, pretty much anywhere Ontario craft beer is sold. Highly accessible as far as craft beer is concerned.

The Dark horse to me is a very drinkable stout that that maybe could use just that little something special to set it apart from other dark beers. Overall it’s a good beer that you can send down quick (if you have the inclination), but slips your mind just as quickly after you’ve finished.  



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