Kichesippi Beer Co.- Heller Highwater

Kichesippi Beer Co. – Heller Highwater

Bavarian Lager

473 ml


Single Cans

Can/ Bottle Appeal 6/11 Upon first look, the can looks to be sort of plain, like a piece of toast with no butter on it. But as you look more closely it can be seen that more detail is in fact there. However there is a lot of white writing on a silver back drop that proves very tricky to read. There appears to be some happy little man with a hat sitting in a canoe, a feeling I hope to mimic while drinking it. But for the boring first glimpse and hard to read writing this beer only gets a 6.
Aroma 6/11 The only way in which to describe the smell of this beer is wheaty, there may be other smells there but it is unclear what they are.
First Impressions  7/11 I have never met a German beer that I didn’t like and this is no exception. It comes across smooth and subtle with no real overwhelming flavours. The taste of wheat is however apparent but it is not as strong as one would expect from the aroma.
Smoothness 9/11 It goes down like a freshly waxed snowboard… noticeably better than an unwaxed one. This beer is enjoyably smooth and a great choice for the novice craft beer drinker.
Aftertaste 7/11 This beer has an enjoyable aftertaste that makes one want to have another one… Or a T-bone steak… It’s sort of unclear really. To continue with the overall theme, the aftertaste definitely has a wheaty finish that brings back the nostalgia of sharing in some German wheat beer with your mates after you’ve knocked down a wall or whatever it is Germans do.
Do I Want Another One 8/11 This is the kind of beer that you could have a few of them without wanting a change in pallet. Great beer to bring to a party or get together when you plan on having more than one.
Accessibility 9 /11 Well I picked this brew up from the grocery store all the way up in Thunder Bay, so one can imagine it should be pretty accessible. Upon further research this beer can be found anywhere from Thunder Bay to the GTA.

I am concluding the review on this beer the following morning so the memories of it are somewhat faded. But from what I do remember it was quite an enjoyable beer that I would most certainly get again. Great smooth beer that even the most virgin craft beer drinker would enjoy. Take a trip down to your local liquor or beer store and pick a few of these up for the weekend.



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