Great Lakes Brewery – Canuck Pale Ale

Great Lakes Brewery – Canuck Pale Ale

Pale Ale

473 ml

5.2 %

Single Cans


Can/ Bottle Appeal 9/11 This beer should appeal to most Canadians from its fiercely stereotypical image on the front of a lumberjack riding a log down a river, what about that doesn’t scream patriotism. In typical Canadian fashion, the can tells a story that ends with an apology. This beer makes you want to grab a few of these cold ones and hit the pond for some hockey with the boys.
Aroma 9/11 The very first thing you get in your nasal passage is freshness, the kind one would smell when embarking on a late fall walk through the forest. After diving deeper in with a second sniff, there is a faint aroma of hops to finish off the smell of this beer.
First Impressions  8/11 It is an enjoyable first taste that one would only get from an ale. This beer however packs a little more punch than your traditional Keith’s pale ale, not quite like a shot to the dome by Muhammad Ali, but enough to wake you up a little bit.
Smoothness 9/11 This is an easy drinking pale ale, sort of like your buddy’s sister after a few drinks. It goes down easily with lots of flavour.
Aftertaste 9/11 It has a very smooth after taste that is enjoyably refreshing. Whatever hops the boys at Great Lakes Brewery decided to use were definitely the right ones, because this beer has that perfect mix of a hoppy finish without overpowering the beer.
Do I Want Another One 9/11 Does a duck with a boner drag weeds? You bet it does. The same thing can be said about this beer it is a great easy drinking brew that can be enjoyed all evening.
Accessibility  9/11 With extensive research done by our research guy, it can be concluded that this beer is pretty damn accessible and can be found all across Ontario.

This ale is one of those ales that can you leave you wanting another one… or four. It combines great flavour with easy drinkability. There is really no such thing as a perfect beer and I am not saying that’s what this is, but it is definitely a cut above the rest. I recommend that you give this a try next time you find yourself searching for a new brew to try.



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