Boshkung Brewing Co. – 35 & 118

Boshkung Brewing Co. – 35 & 118 Cream Ale

Cream Ale

473 ml


Single Cans


Can/ Bottle Appeal 4/11 The can reminds me of the magic school bus… minus the frizzly haired teacher. It actually took me a while to figure out the name of this beer. 35 to 118 sort of reminds me of a wanna be Smokey and the Bandit (Atlanta to Texarkana you know). But despite that it is still a very inviting looking can, until you pick it up and feel that fricken shrink wrap.
Aroma 8/11 It has that inviting aroma that only a cream ale can have, it has a sense of wheat, but then something else that just can’t be pinpointed by my amatuer sniffer.
First Impressions  7/11 Not the first impression that I was expecting. Not at all what I had in mind. I realize that sentence was redundant but the surprise was real and I had to say it again. There is a nice crisp taste at first then you encounter a bit of an overwhelming taste of malts and almost a mild coffee flavour (which I know can not be and is just my inexperienced palate grasping at straws).
Smoothness 8/11 Smooth? Yes. How smooth? I’m not really sure, it goes down without any trouble, but is not the smoothest thing i’ve ever put in my mouth… no homo.  
Aftertaste 6/11 There is a very distinct malty aftertaste in this beer, it’s not great. It doesn’t however have an overly bad aftertaste but the taste of malts is just a little bit too much for me.
Do I Want Another One 5/11 Honestly I don’t think I want another one, I mean if someone offered me another one, well sure, but I wouldn’t go out and buy one for myself.
Accessibility  9/11 Like the name on the can says (once you figure it out) 35 & 118. This beer can be found from highway 35 to the 118 and everywhere in between.


With a final score of 47 this is the lowest scored beer we have to date. The overly malty taste brings this brew down a few marks, and you can’t forget about that shrink wrap BS. Overall not a bad beer, but it just didn’t really have the right stuff, go out and give it a go yourself and you make the call.



One Comment Add yours

  1. Bob the Beerdo says:

    Nice Job really think this is a classy brew, But nothing Beats a good ol’PBR.


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