Steam Whistle Drunk Review

Steam Whistle Pilsner

Look it up it comes in bottles and cans some big some small.

Can/ Bottle Appeal 9/11 With a glimpse of am old steam engine whistle, similar to one that was present at the turn of the century (probably) at the roundhouse (probably), where steam whistle is currently brewed (definitely).  Green looks really good on this yellowish gold beer. Definitely love this classic look to a good beer. The inviting look of the green definitely deserves the 9/11 we gave it.
Aroma 6/11 O.K. so we smelled this beer and the result was not super inviting. We somehow smelled the smell of room-mate pants that have been peed in by a drunk gross room-mate.  (we had to take a quick break for Mitch to pee). He is now relieved and ready for continuing this review.
First Impressions  9/11 A strong taste of beer entered my mouth, reminding me of the first sip my dad gave me when I was 12 years old.  Well I’ve had beer in my mouth and this was beer, not too strong not too soft, like your roommate who thinks they’re a drummer. Or whatever…  
Smoothness 10/11 Smooth is a word that was probably invented by Steamwhistle. It’s smooth to the point where I can’t tell if it’s beer or water. Definitely beer though.
Aftertaste 7/11 None that we can tell. Kinda sweet I guess. It’s sweet like a strawberry but doesn’t taste like one even after you finish it.
Do I Want Another One 9/11 Yes. Always. Except when it’s 3 am and you’ve already had 4 tankers worth then it’s a no.
Accessibility  9/11 Very. Always there when you need a friend.

Love the beer. Will always drink it when I’m sad or lonely. Great beer overall.



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